Can 2 or more same type of databases be added

I m trying to add 2 mssql DB of different application to run the reports, even though i give the details and save , the newly added DB is not seen... pls help

Can you share a screenshot of what is happening please ... You should be able to add as many DBs as you want

I save giving the DB details and click save nothing happing, and do not see in the databases.

pls advice

Check the Admin -> Troubleshooting -> Logs for any errors ... what version of metabase are you running?

version v0.43.4 is the version.

I m not able to find Admin to check the log

You are already in the admin when you check the Database tab ... There is another tab troubleshooting and thats where you should find the Diagnostic Info and Logs

I m not getting any thing in the log

Please upgrade to the latest version first and then go to settings ->admin -> troubleshooting for checking the logs

So this version will not support 2 Application on same MSsql DB

Sorry I don’t understand the last message, can you explain a little bit more?