Can I define certain map colors for certain percentages?

I’m trying to create a timeline of changes of certain percentages over different regions in Finland. I’ve got the map working alright, but I’m having trouble with the automatic scaling of colors. For example: 2012 the percentages where 1-20 over different regions and I got Metabase to color them accordingly. However, in 2016 the percentages vary between 1-40. In the first case, the 20 % figure is allocated to the darkest blue, but in the second case it’s the middle blue. This is because Metabase scales the results equally to each color.

Is there a way to force certain colors for certain percentiles, so I could build a timeline from the maps, where a certain color means a certain thing every time?

Hi @Mikko
Sounds like you are looking for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post