Can I only sync a single table?

Hi,everyone,I have a question for help.
I have a table in Vertica that has never been synchronized, and I know exactly its table name and database name, but I don't want to directly synchronize the entire database because that's very slow.I would like to see this table from Metabase very quickly, is there any API call that can be synchronized individually by table name.
Please give me a suggestion, thank you

Hi @jesse1
Yes, by using the /api/notify/db/:id API:
Or by hiding and then showing the table in Admin > Data Model, then a sync will be performed too.

Hi @flamber,
If my table is not in metabase metadata, do I have to use sync_database to synchronize it?

@jesse1 Try using table_name - otherwise you can manually add the table to the application database, so you have an ID, which you can then request updates from.

Have you enabled "This is a large database ..." and set it to not scan? Then the sync should be quick.