Can I use Join in a Join (Double Joins)?

I want to filter records based on a value of another table. Metabase allows us to have first level join, but is there any way to take this level to more stages?

In my case I want to filter some records based on a field of Product Tmp (instead of its ID - Foreign Key only).

Sadly not. I’ve not checked if it’s in the futures or not, worth checking.
I tend to use a lot of views to simplify the data. Metabase’s ideal is a simple star schema.

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Now I’m getting it, Metabase is a great tool for exploring our data. But we can’t use our data as it is from application (in some cases) :sweat_smile:.

Not really. If you have a complex data structure, tidy it up using views to make it simpler to explore the data. If you can give your users 10 view to work with instead of 500 table, they’ll get much more done.

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