Can we leverage Data Sandboxing when embedding a dash in an app?

We have a Data Sandboxing setup for our users.

We would like to embed a dashboard in our application (Dashboard embedding and not full app embedding). If the user is authenticated, are the data sandboxing rules applied on the dashboard data or not?

Thank you

Hi @ibrahimennafaa
You can only leverage Sandboxing via FullApp embedding, since Signed embedding does not have any user session. You would have to handle that yourself via Locked parameters in the Signed embedding code.
Please use the support email, when using the Pro/Enterprise edition.

No way to authenticate the user for an embedded dashboard? Is this feature planned by any chance?

The reason we prefer to use Dashboard embedding instead of full app embedding is because Dashboard embedding is simpler and allow to download the data in csv directly on the dashboard (card by card).

@ibrahimennafaa Please use the support email if you want us to prioritize things to work on. I cannot tell which customer you are via the forum and cannot link anything to you for prioritization.