Can we not apply filters on custom expressions?

Hi, I created a bunch of questions that use a custom expression that results in a percentage value. I can't seem to select it as an option when I create filters.

What version are you using?

Hi! We're using 0.45.2

Can you try upgrading to 46.2 and then send us a screenshot of what you’re seeing if the problem persists?

Hi Luiggi, sorry for the late reply. We just updated to 46.3 and the issue still persists. This is what I'm seeing:

It seems to work on a question level.

Just bumping this again because I noticed this line in the patch notes. We're currently using 46.3, so I don't get why this is still an issue. Are the patch notes referring to something else?

Another bump and update on this. I tried using a custom expression from a data model that I saved, and still was not filterable on the dashboard. Is this a bug or can we really not use filter widgets with custom expressions?