Cannot find "Turn into a model" icon

Hi guys,
I have created a question using custom query method, and I am trying to reference the resulting table from this question in other question.
After some research I have found that the way is to turn it into a model, however, when I followed the instructions, I could not find the icon to turn the question into a model.

I have also made sure that Nested Query is Enabled in Admin > Settings > General.

@mkidk You are using an old version of Metabase.

Thank you @flamber!
Is there any workaround to use a saved question in a new question until the upgrade is done?

@mkidk Yes, you can use Saved Questions as the base for new questions:

@flamber But not using Native Query though? I wanted to write SQL on a saved question.

@mkidk There's Sub-Query:
If that does not work for you, then upgrade.