Cannot Locate Pulse - Database showing no collection id

I am currently receiving a Pulse. However, when I search for the pulse in the UI, it can’t be found. I have looked in the Metabase database (joined pulse to pulse_card) and found that it has no name and no collection id. I have also searched using the API (api/pulse) and it doesn’t appear in the response. What happened? Can I simply update it in the database directly?

Hi @michaelkleban
I don’t see how that is possible unless you have been manually messing around in the application database, but if you click the title of the Pulse your receive, then it should link to /pulse/:id

Hi @flamber - the only place I see the pulse title is in the email subject line. The only other link is the title of the card, which links to the card, not the pulse.

@michaelkleban Okay, then you need to find the pulse in the application database. I’m not sure how you ended up in this state.

@flamber - I’m not sure either. However, I managed to fix it in the database directly after I finally updated the following fields:

  • alert_condition=‘rows’ --> null
  • alert_first_only=false --> null

now it is showing up.

@michaelkleban So the interesting part is how the alert-related columns was set on a pulse.

@flamber - I think the pulse was created with the “Get Alert” feature at the bottom right of the screen when looking at a question. I noticed that before I fixed it, the email subjects started with the word “alert”, and now they start with the word “Pulse”. The alerts were created before we upgraded back in May. I am not sure what version was being used before that.

I guess this was my introduction into the difference between Pulses and Alerts.

@michaelkleban Even though Alerts and Pulses are very similar, they are still very different. You’re looking for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post