Cannot reference a native query with predefined date filters as a saved question

Hi all. I have a native SQL query with date filters with predefined required values (where PayDate between {{From}} and {{Until}}) saved as question number 3124. I try to reference this question in a different question (select * from {{#3124}}) but Metabase returns an error: Parameter at position 1 not set. I suspect this is due to having predefined date filters. When I load https://…/question/3124 separately, the URL is automatically replaced with https://…/question/3124?From=2020-05-10&Until=2020-12-31. Do you guys think I identified the issue correctly and this is actually a bug?

Hi @pavelsson
It’s currently not supported to pass-thru filters from Saved Questions: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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