Cannot restart metabase in docker

When I initially run metabase in docker it starts up fine however if I attempt to restart it to pick up new database permissions it will not start up fully. I go to the URL and its stuck at about 25% loading and will not go past this point. Is there anything I can do to get it to restart or update database permissions without removing database and re-adding it as then I loose my questions.

What do you mean by “update database permissions” here?

Also, can you cut+paste the console logs or check them for error messages so we can help?

I will get the logs. Sorry by update database permissions I mean: I have a database user and when I add a privilege for that user on a new table I cannot see it in metabase to run a query against unless I remove database and re-add it.

My fault I see the sync button against the DB all is well!

Glad you found it!

We will sync once a night (at midnight I believe) so it would pick up the table eventually, but we try not to do it too often to keep from slamming the DB.