Can't create pulse for View only collection questions


We've setup User groups which have View-only access to certain collections, containing questions and dashboards which we want only superusers to modify. However, it does not appear to be possible for these view-only users to create pulses using questions in the view-only collections. The view-only collection does not appear at all in "Pick your data".

Is this a bug or is it as intended? :slight_smile:

Hi @mrmiffo
Which version of Metabase?
I cannot reproduce your example on 0.34.0
I’ve created a user, which is part of a group, which has view-access to a couple of collections and write-access to one, and no data/SQL access at all, and the “All Users” group is completely restricted too.
I’m not sure if I’m missing something somewhere or you forgot to mention something, so could you provide more info?

Hi, and merry x-mas :slight_smile:

Currently running 0.33.6, but I’ve managed to reproduce it in 0.34.0.
I think it might be related to our collection structure. We have a collection structure looking like this:

Our analytics (no access)
_ Customer collections (no access)
__Customer A (read only)
__Customer B (read only)
_Customer A - shared (full access)
_Customer B - shared (full access)

That is the read only users have read access to collections inside a collection which they have no permissions to. We have these collections inside a parent collection due to maintenance reasons, the collections Customer A and Customer B have identical questions and dashboards, looking at different databases, which are updated via scripts. We don’t want the read only users to have access to the parent collection, as this would show them all collections inside that collection (even if they do not have any permissions for the sub collections).

@mrmiffo That made all the difference, the sub-collection. I’ve reproduced this on 0.34.0, but I guess this could be reproduced since version 0.31.x, since collection permissions hasn’t changed a lot.
It is a bug. Can you create the issue on Github with a steps-to-reproduce?
A workaround is to use the little search (top-right) on the picker and search for the question name.

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The workaround appears to work and should be good enough for now, thank you! :slight_smile:

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