Can't Filter by name with _ in it

Hi all

We just implemented a renaming scheme on our Database and now all field name ‘A B’ are ‘A_B’.
Sounds like a minor change, but in fact I can’t do Filter by those fields as they don’t appear…
I can just do things like 'contains and manually add the field name :frowning:

Any idea?

Hi Karel,
I am not sure if it helps but we have the same data structure (with _ everywhere) and the fields show up, but with space instead of the underscores and I can filter them.
We use a SQL database and metbase v0.25.1

Hope you get it sorted, Eva

Thanks, but I don’t see them even using spaces… :frowning:

Have you re-synced the database after the changes?

Yes. Doesn’t change anything… Is there a way to reset the ‘friendly name’ data?

Ok, I went into Admin panel / Data Model and selected the troubled table, I manualy renamed the columns and did ask again to ‘use original values’. This did it !
Thanks :slight_smile:

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