Can't find column to pass to next dashboard's filter

I am trying to set the On-Click behaviour of a table card.
The behaviour should be to click on a column (row item name) and pass that column to the filter in the next dashboard.
However, when I am trying to do this step in the documentation (
I do not see the "row item name" column as an option to pass to the filter.

I imagine that I am getting the types wrong, but I tried all types, and everything should be a category, so that also does not work.

I am running Metabase 0.42.0

I see,
so the trick was that the new Text filter should have been set to be "dropdown".

Hi @z3h
The extra options makes it more complicated to connect things. We will be working on making this easier: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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