Cant find "Zoom in"option in the action manu

I am new to Metabase and trying to create a chart with drill down from Quarter to Months, but i cant find the zoom in option in the chart. I created the questions using Simple and Complex Questions options.
I need help in creating a drill down i.e., when i click on a Quarter in the bar chart, it should show me the corresponding Months.

Hi @Poojask123
Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
Have you seen this article on drill-through?

Hi @flamber.
Sorry what is “Diagnostic Info” ?
I did check the link you shared, but that didnt help much. The Only options i see in my Action Menu is as in the screenshot below.

You can also change the binning in Summarize from Quarter to Month.
This is Diagnostic Info - click the button and paste the information here: