Can't install Enterprise Edition

Hello everyone,
I’ve been running Metabase community edition and I want to test the Enterprise Edition. I have the trial version and I’ve downloaded the jar file, but in the final prompt lines it shuts down and I can’t access in localhost.

04-26 14:13:04 e[1mINFO metabase.coree[0m :: O Metabase estß desligando… (The Metabase is shutting down…)
04-26 14:13:04 e[1mINFO metabase.coree[0m :: Desligamento do Metabase COMPLETO (Shut down of Metabase complete)

I have translated the messages from brazilian portuguese.
It flows normally in community edition and there I can access localhost.

Hi @leonardo
Are you trying to run both CE and EE at the same time? Then you would need to use different ports and different backend databases.
Which versions are you using?
Isn’t there something more in the log, since that’s just the final two shutdown notices?

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Hello @flamber

I’m trying to running only EE at this moment. I downloaded the version which they send me by email.

I can send some prints by private if necessary to you. I’m noob at this and I can’t figure out what can be a error in this prompt.

Rolling prompt I found this:
04-26 14:13:04 e[1mWARN metabase.utile[0m :: auto-retry metabase.db$run_schema_migrations_BANG_$fn__16489@4e70f7a: Validation Failed:

04-26 14:13:04 e[1mERROR metabase.coree[0m :: A InicializaþÒo do Metabase FALHOU (Metabase Initialization FAILED)
liquibase.exception.ValidationFailedException: Validation Failed:
3 change sets check sum
migrations/000_migrations.yaml::10::cammsaul was: 8:532075ff1717d4a16bb9f27c606db46b but is now: 8:2e03a495932b4a9aebb9d58a6ad87ca9
migrations/000_migrations.yaml::40::camsaul was: 8:ee7f50a264d6cf8d891bd01241eebd2c but is now: 8:231d66cf27fc4b4bc066172b435439b5
migrations/000_migrations.yaml::51::camsaul was: 8:43c90b5b9f6c14bfd0e41cc0b184617e but is now: 8:8491a72bd30aac2565c97daf8b84e515

Thank you for your attention!


Okay, so it seems like it’s failing the upgrade migration.
I’m guessing you’re trying to upgrade the CE to EE?

Which version CE did you use?
And when did you download the EE version?

I would probably recommend that you try downloading the latest version again (version 1.0.10).
Linking to the updated guide, which hasn’t been published on the website yet.

I was using CE v0.32.4 and I download the EE version today.

So I need to update CE to v0.32.5 and then try to install EE version?

Version CEv0.32.x should be compatible with EEv1.0.10
I would recommend that you reach out to (add link to this forum thread too)
I haven’t played around with EE, so I’m a little lost why the migration fails.