Can't remove database

I am trying to remove one of my database named ‘Reports’ . It shows " Assert failed:(valied object-path?%)"

Can anyone please help me with the above question?

It’s really hard with the little information you give.

Can you please paste the text contents from the log right after you to try to pres Delete to hopefully shed some more light on the matter?

(You get to it via Logs in the top-right menu - where your TA initials are)

Actually the problem is “We are not able to use metabase after only adding a database called Reports”
When opening Questions tab, we are not able to see any of the tables in other databases as well.
When trying to delete Reports…we got this error like “Assert failed:(valied object-path?%)”
Type of server : SQL Server 2014
Thanks in advance

Can you post the logs please? Either pick them from within the UI or from the command line.

We are not able to reproduce the error now, thanks much for your help.

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