Can't rename question ver 0.44.1

Good day,

I upgraded from 0.43.4 to 0.44.1. Either it's well hidden, or I'm looking at it and not seeing it - the ability to rename a question. Used to be there was an option near the title of a question that would give you options among which was a little pencil icon that would allow you to rename a question. I've a question that is entitled "Daily Sales Links" but I've changed the underlying logic so it only has one link now instead of several. So I would like to rename it to "Daily Sales Link" but seem to be unable to do so.


Eureka! I found if you rename the question on the dashboard itself, that works. Problem solved, but it would have been nice to have kpt both editing options available, instead of removing one altogether. Please keep this post in here, should anyone else find themselves in the same "huh?" moment.

You can edit the question title and description by just clicking the title and making the edit i.e. the title is now a directly editable field, no need to click a button. Same with the description, click the "i" icon top right then just type in the description field.

I personally don't find it very intuitive now, preferred having the edit button, but it does work.