Can't run query after upgrade to 0.42

I just upgraded to 0.42 and a few cards/questions went blank (see image)

I was wondering if this could be causes by some legacy type of visualization, or maybe some data type in the DB.

If I copy and paste the query to a new sql query it works just fine.

I think I found the problem.

There is a variable that when I checked the data model in the admin panel it had type "no semantic type", then when I open the variable panel (the small x ), the dropdown for " Filter widget type" was open and unselected for that variable (see image).

Changing the type in the database model to "Title" and selecting "String" in the "Filter widget type" seems to solve the problem

I think there should be a message somewhere saying the the variable filter type is not set.

Anyway, the newest version is looking good. Keep the good work

I had 0.41.5 before, btw

Hi @z3h
Upgrade to 0.42.1:
It would require seeing the metadata or the original question (before you made changes) to understand what the problem is. You would have to post the output from /api/card/123, where 123 is the question ID.