Cant save a combo/bar/line chart with 3 series

I have a bug which i cant really reproduce. Im using a native sql question, and that bugs appears only with that question.

As you can see there a 3 series. In the view Metabase is showing me first only 2 series.

If im adding Serie No.3, Metabase is showing everything correct. But if im try to save it, Metabase will save the question just with 2 series.

The question already exist for a long time. I guess since 0.39 the 3rd series dissapeared.
I tried to reproduce it with other native sql questions, but i couldnt.

Now i found out if i rename those calculated fields in the editor ( for examle from "Series A" to "XZX"), im able to save the question with all three series.

Is there already a reported bug?

Hi @heldino
You're seeing this issue - see comments for workaround: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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Wow you are fast :slight_smile:
Thank you