Can't set Field Filter in dashboard filter date for get average or percentage value

I have an 'Agent Status Change' Table with multiple columns so I need to extract the average value by agents.

agents : 11 (distinct agents_id)
conversation: 1666 (distinct conversation_id)

want to average value per agent ---
so I created an SQL question where I got the average value

Average conversations per agent = 11/1666 ≈ 151.45

After creating this chart I'm using it in the Metabase dashboard --- where I've three filters exist but this chart is not affected by any filter. so I created {{variable}} in SQL query like for this filter: created_at, agents_name, account_id --- but this filter is not working properly and the results are not correct. and also when editing the dashboard if I filter the option to add these variables it is not working.

note: 'created_at' is a date field but if I set the field filter and date filter it's not working.

So my question is:
how would I filter this 'Average conversations per agent' from the dashboard and it will be affected by all filters( created_at, agents_name, account_id)?
How can I resolve this issue, can you anyone give an example or give me a proper suggestion?

Can you share the whole SQL maybe you are doing something wrong when defining the field filters.

Also for reference:

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