Can't stop pulses from beeing sent

We have migrated to v0.31.2 a while ago. Since some weeks we keep getting pulses that we set up on the old version.

Unfortunately we can not turn them off because they don’t show up anywhere in Metabase.

Any suggestions what to do?

Hi @Tobi_Wan_Kenobi

So you’re currently running 0.31.2, but which version did you migrate from?

Are you getting pulses on Slack or email - or both?

I’m hoping that you’re not using H2 as the metadata database, but have migrated to Postgres or MySQL.
If so, then it’s easier for you to access the data with your favorite SQL-editor and look in the tables starting with the name pulse - here you could remove the rows you want.

Please make sure you have backup before upgrading/downgrading or messing around in metadata.