Capsule CRM Users

Are there any Capsule CRM users on here? I’m looking for testers.

Capsule’s aimed at smaller organisations with relatively simple CRM requirements, so looks like a good match for Metabase. It has no report or analytics capability beyond downloading a spreadsheet of raw data.

I’ve written a data extract routine to pull Capsule data into a SQL Server database (hosted on Azure). My plan is to sell the data extract as both a hosted and on-prem solution for analysing Capsule data. In addition, I’m hoping to bundle a Metabase install with some pre-defined dashboards.

I need testers:

  1. So that I can tune performance with larger quantities of data.
  2. Provide feedback on the database schema and its suitability for Metabase
  3. Get a better understanding of the sorts of questions people are asking of their CRM data

The initial test data will be hosted in the UK. Depending upon feedback, I may extend that if there are any concerns about data location.

If you’re interested, please reply or PM me.