Category fields are not showing possible values on documentation

On previous versions this section used to show all the possible values of a field, and know is impossible to read them.

Is this a bug or made on purpose? Could we recover that on next releases? It was a great feature.


Hi @alejandrorial
It is a design choice, so it matches the tooltip, when hovering a column:

Hi @flamber

Thanks a lot for your quick response. As a piece of feedback, we are using a lot SQL native reporting, and for developers from my department this feature is realy useful, for harcoded conditions of certain fields, and check the docu of all the possible values that we could use.

I think that now, for this kind of role, the UX has gotten worse :frowning: If I should share this on any othe forum,let me know.

Anyway, great progress on the tool, thanks a lot!

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