Category filter not showing all values

I have a dashboard based on one table with a category filter applied for it. The filter was working fine while were only 2 distinct values but after I inserted lines with more distinct values (8 distinct values now) the filter did not update. It show the correct information for each value on the drop menu but not all options are there.
I’m using metabase 0.25.2, with AWS Redshift
I’ve already redeployed metabase and create a new dashboard with news questions but nothing changed.
What can I do?
Thanks in advance

I solved the problem doing a downgrade to metabase 0.25.1
Before that I tried renaming the table (from bko to bko_2) and create a new table with the old name (bko). On Admin > Data Model only bko_2 appeared while bko kept missing, even after I dropped bko_2.
With the downgrade everything went back to normal and metabase recognized the new bko table