Change 'Month of Year' Starting Month to October

I'm new to Metabase (and SQL) and I'm putting together a dashboard for my company. At the moment I'm displaying the year on year growth for the total number of orders per month. I have the data displayed using 'Month of Year'.

However, our fiscal year is October to September, so we would like the chart to show that (not Jan to Dec). Is there any way to set which month comes first for the 'Month of Year' view?

I tried just doing it by 'Month', but that shows the data consecutively, instead of comparing them.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @SashaM
When you do "Month of Year", then the database actually just returns numbers: 1, 2, 3, ...
Which is the converted in the frontend to human readable text.
I don't think it would be possible to do this currently in the GUI, so it would require that you did it in SQL.

Thank you @flamber. I'm very new to SQL and just learning it, so I will give it a try and see if I can do it! Thanks again.