Change the date time range

I want to make the date time range to 00:00:00 ~ 23:59:59.
Right now I am using the calendar date type variable like bellow.

order_main.entrydatetime BETWEEN {{begin_date}} AND {{end_date}}

For example, when I make the date range to 9/4 ~ 9/4
metabase checks the date time between 9/4 00:00:00 ~ 9/4 00:00:00
so, I can’t get the data from 9/4, unless I change the date range to 9/4 ~ 9/5
Is there a way to make it look until 23:59:59?

I have several conditions.
First, only able to use the native query in my case(no custom questions)
Second, want to use the calendar date type variable(want to check the day of week)

I will really help me out if you guys know how to solve this issue.
Thank you.

Hi @coro
Have you considered a Field Filter instead?
If you continue using simple Date filter, then Metabase just sends a string, so you can either concatenate the time:

CONCAT({{begin_date}}, ' 00:00:00')

Or cast your column as date (that will break indexes, but depending on your data size, it might be fine)

CAST(order_main.entrydatetime AS DATE)
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Thank you so much.
I totally forgot about the field filters.
You solved my problem.Thank you.