Change X and Y on graph

How can you change the x and y values on graphs?
Can’t find anything about it.


We don’t currently let you edit axis labels.

Are you using a SQL backed question or using our query tool? If the former you can name columns with “AS”. In the former, could you give us a bit more information about what the autogenerated names you’re trying to change are? We’ve tried to have them make sense out of the box and would be curious as to whether you don’t like the naming convention, want them in a different language, or want them to be named something completely different.

When you overlay 2 graphs on top of each other in a dashboard, it’s very helpful to be able to have the Y-axis scale the same.

For example, if I show # of new sign-ups per day overlaid with # of users who subscribe per day, I’d like the Y-axis to be the same so I can see how these are doing relative to each other.

Currently if I overlay both of those charts in Metabase, it uses two different y-axis scales so it’s difficult to tell if one is actually higher/lower than the other without hovering over each value.

We’re working on the kinds of features you’re describing. I’ll ping you once we have mocks on the issue in question. Will be the main issue we’ll be working in.