Changing Metric in Metabase not working

Hi Team,

First of all thanks a lot for Metabase. Metabase 32.4 is a charm.
Now coming to my issue.
I am trying to update Metric say name or description, but once i saves the metric and go back to metric page I still see the old name or description.

Even in postgres container when I am doing the select on metric table i dont see any changes.

please suggest

Hi @devD
Update to 0.32.5, since it’ll fix a few more issues - specially async problem with reverse proxy.
But I think you’re seeing this issue:

hi @flamber,

I have upgraded the metabase to 0.32.5, but it looks like the issue still persist.
Please suggest.

The issue is not fixed in 0.32.5 - but it has been given Priority1.
I just suggested upgrading, since other issues were fixed.

hi flamber,

Thanks for the confirmation.
I will keep my finger cross.


I was just wondering if the issue is fixed yet.

Yes, it was fixed a month ago and will be part of next release - I don’t know when next release will be.

Thank you…