Changing source and preserving name

I will need to change one of the sources connected to my metabase. I am gonna replace it with another source with the same database names. My question is: Will that break my queries / dashboards? If i just remove the source and add another one with the same name and properties will metabase correctly detect and link the old queries to the new databases?


Hi @luccazen
Only if the other source has the same schema, and only if you modify the connection details.
The best way is to test and see if everything works correctly. Just remember to backup first!

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Thanks for the answer! Yes, the schemas are exactly the same and i am only gonna change the connection, the DB names will remain the same

I do this a lot when I take a copy of a Metabase database from a customer to work on remotely. First rule of Metabase - DON’T DELETE YOUR DATABASE CONNECTIONS! (2nd rule is don’t use H2 for your system DB).
Modifying works fine as the ID of the connection stays the same. Worst case scenario is a few questions need tweaking or modifying if there are minor changes to the schema.

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Thanks it worked well