Changing the DB of the questions

Hi Team,

We wanted to change the DB for lot of the questions. We have multiple DBs connection setup in our Metabase. Therefore now, I am have to select the DB name from the drop down in every question which seems to be a tedious task.
We were using athena earlier as one of the DB but now, we wanted to replace that db in the questions with starbust.
Is there any automated way to do so? Or any query which we can run on Metabase db which can update the DB details of the questions?

We need to do this activity ASAP. So, earliest response will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Team,

Kindly update on this. We have around 900 questions in which we have to make the changes.


Hey, simply go to the app db (I'm assuming you have postgres) and change the data source from there (these are json structures). If the question is a sql question you can change the sql directly