Chart bug (blip shown that is not present in data)


I’ve created a very simple chart (a cumulative timeline). As you can see there’s a weird “blip” on novermber 26th.

Query :

The underlying data is fine (ie: the data point for november 26th is in the 150k’s, as expected)

All timeline charts share the same issue (bar, line area).

Anything i can find to help track this bug ?

Can you share the raw table? We have a bug where we sum multiple points for the same date, so could there be two entries for Nov 26th?

This might also be due to weird interactions with your system and browser timeszones – can you figure out what timezones are set to for the following:

  • Database timezones (either global or in the table rows) in question
  • The server timezone that metabase is running under
  • The reporting timezone if you have one set
  • You host OS timezon
  • Your actual browser timezone if you can set one

There are some combinations of the above where things get twisted.