Clean way to disable download in the UI

Currently in the UI, download data is available to all users and I couldn’t find any way to disable that button.
I am sure, can change the code and rebuild the image and dump in AWS but is there really any cleaner way to simply control the download data option from UI.

Technically, there are data which is fine for viz but not fine to be downloaded by user, within the company itself !

Hi @buntha
There’s no difference in the data being used for a visualization and the export. Any experienced user will be able to get the data from the browser’s developer console.
You can block the URLs, that’s probably the easiest way to “disable” that functionality.

True, technically there are many many ways to download the data, but when it comes to company and pitching open source :slightly_smiling_face:, things are harder & this is getting very hard for me to convince.
Block the Url - is that blocking reverse proxy ? or ??

@buntha Yes, reverse proxy. I don’t see how open source has anything to do with this - actually just the opposite, since you can create your own version of Metabase with the download functionality removed.