Cleaning up old columns?

I am running Metabase against my Mongodb instance, and have removed a column from all of my documents that is no longer used.

This column still shows up in Metabase after a database sync despite no longer existing in any records.

Is there an automatic way of cleaning this up?
Removing the database isn’t an option as then I’d lose all of the questions associated with it.

Is there a manual way?

I’d rather not have a bunch of columns in my Metabase that I have to manually hide.

Bump. Still trying to figure this out.
We have a lot of columns that are no longer existing in the schema that are stacking up.

We’ve tried syncing, restarting the metabase service, dropping the table entirely, etc.
The Database Sync feature, doesn’t appear to be removing those columns.

Is there a way to destroy the metadata of the table and recreate it, without destroying the questions?

I’m also experiencing difficulties handling this and would really appreciate a solution.

sounds like a bug.

opened an issue at

I realize there is a bug open for this, but I wanted to add that I’m experiencing this in Postgres too on version 0.26.2. I’m fairly certain we’ve renamed some columns without issue in the past… However, now the columns are hanging around AND they are creating an error when someone tries to pull Raw Data using the query tool - Error column does not exist in position… Queries written in SQL seem to be fine. Any way to manually remove this column from the Metabase database so my users can access the table again?