Click behavior on shared dashboard

I have shared dashboard and added click behavior to open detailed report with table data. Action works if I am logged in, and does not work when viewing dashboard via shared link. Is it possible to use click behavior in shared dashboards?
I also tried to share my detailed report, but it did not help

Hi @koven
That is coming in 0.44:
Until then, use Custom URL to point between the public URL of the objects.

Hi @flamber
I have tried to choose custom destination and set URL of other shared dashboard. But I could not find options to pass parametres. Is there any way to pass parametres via custom URL? And is release date of 0.44 known already?

@koven Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting. Latest release is 43.3

You can parse parameters with {{some_column}} - have a look here: