Collection Permissions - can't view questions to download data or view line graphs

I’ve created a collection with 9 questions that need to go on a dashboard. I have a test account that is revoked from access to the databases, but has access to this collection. As the user I can see the 9 questions listed in the collections, but when I click through to view any individual one, I don’t have permission.

On the dashboard I can see the table questions, but the line graphs (which overlay 2 of more questions) aren’t accessible.

Is this happening to anyone else? I could try giving my test account more data access but this won’t solve my problem for sharing my dashboard securely with colleagues.

Moreover, if I give the test user full data access I can put together the dashboard and save it. When I refresh I can’t view the line plots.

Thanks for pointing this out, eoneill. We’re looking into it, and it’s looking like it’s a bug.

As for the line plots, we’re going to have to do a bit more digging to see how to reproduce this, because I’m not seeing this behavior. Could you break down step by step exactly how you got to a state where you couldn’t view line plots?

Sure I’ll step through now and send on some screen shots

Hey maz, here are the steps I went through using my test user, who has access to a collection with the relevant questions. Basically everything is fine until the dashboard is saved, at which point the line plots are blocked.

Thanks for the context. What are the test user’s exact data access permissions with regard to the database or tables that are used to create those questions? Are the questions all saved in the same collection? Does the test user have View or Curate access to the collection? Is that the only card on the dashboard?

Test user does not have access to either database used, but has permission to curate the collection alright. There are 3 more line plots on the dashboard which behave the same. There’s also 4 raw tables which are working perfectly

Maz opened an issue for this at, and a fix is scheduled for our next release. Thanks for reporting it!

Thank you maz and sameer!

You’re welcome! We just released a patch release that fixes this, which you can download here.

Thanks maz, just saw the mail blast about it too. Glad to help!

Hi maz, I’ve upgraded and the problem with line plots is still there unfortunately. This is the same test user trying to view a line graph of questions he has access to.

If I click on the blue or green circle i can redirect to the question page and see the individual line plots and SQL (but can’t edit the SQL, which is correct)

As before, if I delete and recreate I can display the individual line plots. I can superimpose them in edit mode and view that, but once I click save and refresh the page it becomes locked.

As a temporary solution to this I’ve tried to just split the overlayed plots into two separate plots. Now when the test user loads the dashboard, these plots are rendering fine, but once the page is fully loaded the entire dashboard reverts to being locked. :frowning:

My only way of making it accessible now is to manually give the permission group to the tables the dashboard uses in the admin panel.

So sorry about this, eoneill. We were just able to reproduce this and are looking into it now.

Thanks maz!

Hi @maz - we’re still seeing this problem, has there been any progress on this problem? We have been applying some work arounds but we’ve been requested to display multiple series on one graph and share with a specific group.

I don’t have any specific progress to report, but we are tracking this issue on github here. Our apologies for the trouble.