Color and line style options missing in the Display page

Hello, I have come back to Metabase after more than a year. So, this may just be because things got moved around a little.
I have a line chart created in the latest Metabase version (0.47.0). In the Display of Line Options, I see only Goal line settings, but not the Color change options or the Line style options.
I remember that these were available before.
Added a screenshot of what I see in the Settings. Where did these get moved to?
I remember having them available in the previous version I had used.

Has the feature been removed from the self-hosted jar file? I really hope not.

probably if you add more series it will allow you to pick the color

@Luiggi Thanks for the reply. I can now see the Color options for the line, even if it is single.
But I still don't see the Line options though. I want to make the line a smooth curve instead of a Jagged line.
Did that get moved somewhere?