Color background of "Big Number" indicator

When dealing with a heavily populated dashboard, it would help a lot to be able to automatically color the background of “Big Number” indicators depending on a predefined value.
EG. I am using Metabase to display the remaining work on several database table columns. The status of each of the columns would stand out in the dashboard if, say, it was colored red over 70% of the total not accomplished, and green if less than 20% of the total remains to be done.
A bit like the gauge indicator but keeping the current numeric indicator visible.

Currently, I can do that, which is not bad:


But in fact it is reversed as there only remains 1352 records to do and the “goal” of 13101 is more like a total, largely accomplished.

Hi @stsinc
It sounds like you’re looking for these - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post of each issue:
And possibly: