Coloring different time periods

I have a time series data set and want to color all of the entries after a certain landmark date in a different color than entries that come before that landmark (bar or line chart is fine). I tried creating two separate questions (one for the early period, one for the later) and combining them in a dashboard, but that was not possible.

Is there a hack to make this work? Bonus for non-SQL because I want to share this method with non-SQL-proficient users.

Update: Just saw this thread (Calculated fields based on timestamp fields) which is similar, but not the same as I am not wanting period-over-period comparison, but to segment a single span of time.

Hi @jacob.deppen
The only way I can see you doing this in 0.32.9, would be either using two different questions and then combining them on a dashboard, or using SQL to make the different periods use different series.
If I’m understanding your question correctly, you should be able to do what you’re asking in the upcoming 0.33, which has the option to join tables (even the same table).

I tried creating separate questions, but that did not work. Not sure why. Possibly because they were both using the same underlying dataset?

Is there any documentation for how adding charts together works? For example, how it is decided if two charts can be added. The User Guide just says they “share a common dimension”.

Yes, combining questions can be tricky and needs to be similar format to be able to combine them: