Colors of multi series charts do not change

I created a chart and added it to another chart via ‘Add’ option. The chart displays correctly, but the color of the second chart is not same as the color defined.

How can I change the color of second chart when adding multi-series chart?

After you add the 2nd chart to the first, go into the settings. In the Display section, you’ll see the option to set the colours.

I do not see the option. I can change only 1 color. I have attached an image.

What version are you running?

I am running version: 0.30.2

I think we may be doing different things. I added a question to another question that was already on the Dashboard.
What are you doing?

i did the same

We must be doing something different. This is my order:

  1. Create bar chart 1.
  2. Add bar chart 1 to Dashboard
  3. Create bar chart 2
  4. Edit Dashboard, Add chart 2 to chart 1:

Yes, I am doing the same. But, I think it’s a bug in metabase. When I switch the positions of both the charts, then the option appears for changing color, otherwise, it does not appear.

Can you show some screenshots of what you’re doing?

Same issue for me. I have two charts overlaid and they adopt a single color with no option to adjust them independently.

I’m a new user so I can only add a single image to a post :slightly_frowning_face:. More detail about the source of my two “Questions”:

Both Questions query the same DB table with Dt Created and Dt Deleted swapped for New Teams and Deleted Teams, respectively.