Column formatting options issue

When configuration the visualization for a table. I can’t see the “Column formatting options”. These can be found here Column Format Options
For example, in the image below you can see additional options. I don’t see these.

Are they only in enterprise? I’m running the community edition 0.33.3 on AWS beanstalk.

Don’t you see settings button below your table? Clicking it gives you an option to format columns.

I do see that button and I can see the columns listed on the left side (as in your image). I can click the gear next to the column name as well and change date formatting, link, email, etc. However, there are additional functions such as sum, avg, min, sum over time, filter that are not available.

I hope that adds clarity.

I’m assuming you wrote a native SQL query right? In that case those are not visible. You can save the SQL query and ask a simple question using the query that you wrote as a saved question to see those options.

OK. I did write a custom SQL query to get the columns. So, I need to reconstruct the query as a simple question.

Fixed - This was fixed by using a ‘simple question’ instead of a custom query using SQL.


I’m kinda new to metabase myself so not sure if that’s how it always worked or if they’re not showing due to the bug of some sort but that’s the only workaround that does the trick I feel like.

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