Column names disappear when the number of columns changes - v0.36.6

Hi, I just updated to v0.36.6 with a mySQL Database.

When I create a bar chart in native query builder, I expect the names of the bars below them:

But when the number of shown bars switches to below 7, the names disappear:

Is there a trick in the new visualisation settings that I didn´t find yet? when I use row charts it works also with lesser columns, but unfortunately the bar chart is our default chart :woman_shrugging:

Thanks for help! I checked github but didn´t find a related issue …

Hi @EvaS
It would be very helpful if you also noted the previous version you were using. Otherwise I might think it’s a new problem in 0.36.6
I’m fairly sure you’re seeing this:

Hi @flamber, thanks! on my staging environment I briefly had 0.35.4 installed and now 036.6. I don´t know more technical details and I didn´t see this problem in ß.35.4, but I also can´t remember I checked.

I don´t know if is related as I don´t see any column data unless I change the number of columns to >= 7…
thanks :slight_smile:

@EvaS Can you please try to reproduce with Sample Dataset?

:grimacing:where do I find the sample dataset? its not in my metabase (sorry for that stupid question …)

@EvaS Not a stupid question - you probably removed it - you can re-establish it via Admin > Databases, and then you should have a link in the bottom

found it!
and here I grouped the products by category and the namings are there (even with 4 categories). I will investigate further …

ok, something is weird here. I thought the problem is maybe that the column data are not classified as category in the data model, but in the following examples all column data are categories.

Here it works:

from bi_donation_values
where {{snippet: standard filter für receiver projekt}}
and product_tracking_computed in ("platform", "iframe", "matching_fund")
group by product_tracking_computed

Same code, different field as grouped column (only needed to ajust the filters to create < 7 columns):

from bi_donation_values
where {{snippet: standard filter für receiver projekt}}
and donation_created_at_month_local in (1,2,3,4)
group by donation_created_at_month_local

donation_created_at_month_local and category both are classified as category in the data model.
What do I miss?

I just realised the exact same issue happens in my live version v0.31.2 :thinking: why do my data behave so weird?

@EvaS Not sure what’s going on, but anything involving SQL does not involve the Data Model.
It sounds kinda similar to this:
The difference between the two is that one returns a string and the other a number.

thank you! it also appears when the column names are true/false…
I might need to use a sql snippet to map the donation_months to the month names to avoid that :smiley:

@EvaS The true/false is probably because you’re using MySQL, which has a setting for returning those as 1/0

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@EvaS I found a workaround - set “Show x-axis line and marks” to “Compact” - and I’ve created an issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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Hi @flamber, that works! thank you! upvoted the issue already.