Compound Foreign Keys

Currently the “Foreign key” field type allows to choose only 1 field for join condition.

However, there are cases when more than one join condition is needed to join two tables, e.g.:
select * from table1 as t1 join table2 as t2 on t2.field1 = t1.field1 and t2.field2 = t2.field2

This would be really useful.

Hi @dtroyan
I’m not sure if I understand correctly, but it sounds like you want to be able to do this: - if yes, then upvote by clicking the :+1:

thank you, that’s definitely it. Although it’s quite sad to see only 5 votes on this issue:(

It’s not a common issue I guess, but one of the upvotes is me :slight_smile: a few minutes ago
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