Configuring Maps in Metabase

Hi guys good morning!
How to configure maps in Metabase?
I am in Brazil and would like to configure the map according to my region.

Lourival Oliveira

Hi @Lourival
Are you talking about the maps used for X-rays (drill-thru) or your own custom questions?
If custom questions, you need to add a map in Admin > Settings > Maps, and then you can use that map in your questions.
If x-rays, then you need to upvote this issue:


They would be maps for my questions. Where do I find geojson urls for maps of my location?


You need to find maps - it’s not a special Metabase url.
Just make a web search for “brasil geojson” - example:

Ah, sim…muito obrigado @flamber.

De nada @Lourival :slight_smile: