Configuring users to view dashboard, use filters and export data - only

Good day,
I’m need to configure a group of users to view and interact with dashboards, and export data. And that’s all. These users will not browse data or create their own views.
So far I can see two ways of going about it. I can make the user a Metabase user and configure the permissions accordingly, or, I can enable the share/embed option and send a link to the user (who does not have to be a Metabase user). Here are my findings with each method:

Configure Metabase user:

Basically I’m trying to disable all the out-of-the box options for this particular group, i.e.:

  1. no X-Ray
  2. no ‘Ask a question’
  3. no ‘Browse data’
  4. no Edit/Move dashboard
  5. no Duplicate dashboard
  6. no Share/Embed

I have partial success so far:

  1. OK - can disable X-Ray in Admin settings
  2. OK - disable all Data permissions (Data access + SQL queries) in Admin settings
  3. OK - same as #2
  4. OK - let user group ‘View’ dashboard only (not ‘Curate’) in Collection permissions in Admin settings
  5. … this button is still there, is there any way to disable it?
  6. … this button is still there even for regular users, which is odd because when enabled in settings I thought it’s only for Admin users, is this a bug?

Sharing a link to view the dashboard:

This option does almost everything I want, i.e. user who browses the published link can view and interact with the dashboard, without any other options/buttons, but, they cannot export the data.

So, long story short, is there any way I can achieve the kind of user restriction I’m looking for? Please can you advise.

Thanks and regards,

Hi @chrisKH

You should probably be looking at Embedding instead of Public Sharing:

As for 5, that’s because a dashboard can be copied to the user’s own Personal Collection, which cannot be disabled.
And 6, that’s because you (admin user) have enable public sharing of the dashboard, if you disable that, then the button is not shown.