Connected to RDS (postgres) can't run queries

I’ve connected Metabase (running locally) to my RDS (postgres) database. I can sync and I can see all my tables listed. When I try to run any query the response is always:

We couldn’t understand your question.
Your question might contain an invalid parameter or some other error.

Is there a way to view the exact query error somewhere?

If you switch to SQL mode, ( ), can you do a select 1 against that DB successfully? If that works does a select count(*) from <SomeTable> for one of your tables work?

We log to the console in OS X.

SQL mode works. My tables are in a schema so I have to prepend them with schema_name, like SELECT * FROM schema_name.table_name LIMIT 100 for it to work. I’m not sure how to get the “question mode” queries to specify the schema.

opened up an issue
and will try to repro locally.