Connecting Metabase to Bigquery - How to I add more tables?

Hi - I have connected Metabase to my Bigquery instance, I added the Project ID which is the name of my Bigquery DW. Metabase then asks for the Dataset ID, in this field i have added my dataset name, which at this stage (early build) only has one table. I added the Client ID and Secret ID as generated by Google. Works great - can see the table. I want to add more datasets as they contain other tables i need to interrogate - the datasets all sit in the same project on BigQuery - but in different Datasets. If i go to the admin panel it shows the ‘one’ connection I have to the ‘one’ dataset. How do i add more or do all the tables I reference in MB have to sit in the same Dataset ID? (haven’t coded in years - forgive me if it’s ‘basic’ question - read the guides - could see nothing there)

Hi Keith, I also want to add tables from multiple datasets in a single Bigquery datasource, so that I can join across them.
Have you figured out a solution?

Yes - i pulled everything together through FilePounder. We are mixing Google Sheets, CSV and JSON (json jars - part of FilePounder) to bring it all into one format. FilePounder has a native connectors to everything in the above stack. Low code/no code.