Connecting to local SQL server

I have having issues connection to local MS SQL Server using the mac client. I get connection timeout error. Any idea or tip how I can debug this issue?

Please help

Are you trying to connect to a SQL server without using SSL?

You might be getting hit by this bug

fixed in Fix non-SSL SQL Server connections by camsaul · Pull Request #2286 · metabase/metabase · GitHub which is going out in 0.16.1, which should be released tomorrow.

ok i will wait for it. is there a workaround that I can try in the meantime? thanks for the help and direction

I’d try enabling SSL for the connection, but I don’t have enough experience with SQL server to walk you through how to do it.

FYI, 0.16.1 just went live -

Amazing thanks. Its working and great tool. I am sure I will have more qts once I go in-depth with the tool


Would love to hear any feedback you have about the tool!

@nty could help me i'm facing a similar issue with the SQL login

@jean Try opening a new topic with enough information to understand your problem. This topic is almost 7 years old.

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