Connot provide y-axis data while trying to chart data

i am trying to create a barchart from my table tbl_project with data vchr_projectName,vchr_DivisionName,vchr_DepartmentName

When i try to visualize the data using barchart; iclick on settings to provide x and y axis data. I can only give x-axis data. y-axis select box is not populated. How can i chart divisionname vs projectname

Hey tanzeem

When you’re at the screen that allows you to select X and Y parameters for the barchart, do you see a message indicating the following for Y-axis?

“No valid fields”

Metabase is looking for a numeric type field in order to measure against the X-axis.
Are there measurements you currently have for “divisionname” or “projectname”?

Feel free to post a sample/image of the data in Table format in order to get a better understanding of how you’re trying to correlate the two data points?
Doesn’t have to be actual data but an example.

I get "No valid fields" in Y-axis.
My view is:

How can i plot number of projects per division or department

So what we’ll need to do is create a count to aggregate the number of projects you have by another metric.
Feel free to use this as an example.

In your case, you’d want to Count of Rows in the Summarize section, and Group BY “Division Name” or “Department Name”.
From that point, you should be able to visualize the data.