Control database connection pool


Does anyone know how to set the settings for the database connection pool? From what I can tell, it’s using C3P0 so there should be a way to specify a max connection setting. Just don’t know how Metabase handles that kind of settings.

Metabase: fine software by the way - like the concept!

Are you trying to fix a problem or just curious? We don’t currently expose these kinds of internal settings in the interface.

Most definitely trying to solve a problem. The user that Metabase uses to connect to the database (the one which contains the data that the users will be querying) has a limit of 10 connections and Metabase seems to have a max connection on the pool higher than 10. So regularly, it tries to create a new connection (instead of reusing existing ones) and the user gets an error.

I understand it’s not exposed yet… that’s a bummer! What is the current max connections for the pool set at right now?

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Specific issue for this feature request.

It defaults to 15 according to this:

Is there much more to be discussed other than this really should be configurable through an environment variable or an a per database setting?

I just ran into multiple issues regarding this and exhausting the available connections to the Metabase metadata database.

This hinders scaling Metabase in a controlled manner, as every instance will try to grab 15 connections eventually.

Having this configurable would make the whole setup somewhat more manageable.