Control multi series chart groupings

To make a multi-series line chart, I create a question with an aggregate function (eg, count records) and two groupings (eg, timestamp and status_code).

How can I control which grouping shows on the x-axis, and which is used to segment the series? At the moment my chart is showing one line for each timestamp, and the x-axis is showing status_code, but I want to swap this around.

Currently we pick the lower cardinality dimension to use as the 3rd dimension and unfortunately there’s no way to change it without making sure you have more timestamps than status_codes. We should definitely provide more control over this in the UI (and probably default to always using the time dimension on the X axis?)

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Looks like this functionality is broken in the the latest update 0.17

Can you give us an example so we can re-produce the bug?

I might be seeing the cardinality issue or maybe a bug that appears when foreign keys are considered.

Orders | filtered by Order.DateCreated Last 30 days | View Count of Rows by Account.AccountID and Order.DateCreated

The table data appears as expected with the dates as rows and account names or ids as the columns. However, when switching to a Line chart, the AccountIDs become the x axis.

Happy to do a quick screenshare to show.

Ahhh, gotcha.

This is a separate bug. Tom’s post refers to the plotting of multiple questions on a single card in the dashboard. Our multi-D charting in a single question isn’t as sophisticated.

We tend to encourage having simple queries that are composed at the dashboard level, but I’ll file this as a bug.